I am absolutely bursting right now!!

Lucky, all of them, have suddenly pulled things out of the woodwork and it’s so overwhelming❤️❤️❤️❤️

I work for a bank, and there is an incentive program for meeting your goals. I hit 5 years and was gifted 5 shares to the company for me to do what I would like, awesome. Another program Is meeting little goals, I thought this year I did decent but not the best. So my reward amount is released ( monies deposited twice a year) and this year was my biggest in 5 years!! $922 dollars to be paid in January. I squealed excitedly when I was told!!

Part 2.

I receive an email two days ago from work congratulating me on 5 years. Okay sure cool. Then it goes on to say that they have purchased 10 shares for me to be cashed out at stock value at the end of the day ( this doesn’t touch my other 5 shares) I had to cover my mouth to hid the excited scream while I was at work! I dig around and it’s another $744!!! To be deposited the next pay ( Christmas Eve) and I’m just bursting!!! ( longest standing staff member right now, the other lady is on med leave) I’m in disbelief!

Then my freezer goes awol.... not even going to go into that one... let’s just say that it very nearly made friends with a mattock! It’s working now

So no this past week I’ve been juggling baking sewing work, the normal, trying to figure out how I am going to buy car insurance at $660/3 months ( new drivers get $250 tacked on right off the bat) today I get to the insurance place, turns out I know the lady and had messaged her the night before about buying mascara from me as I sell Mary Kay. So she tells me the insurance dropped by 25$, okay sure... she then works some magic and gets me insarance down to $492!!!! I’m bent over the desk holding her hands thanking her over and over again!!! I leave uplifted and relived as money is tight right now.

Part 3

I am diabetic controlled by diet. I have a long qt with my heart. I have anxiety and I hate a lot about my body. So much so I’m scared I won’t hit my goals for to even try for baby #2

I’ve tried and struggled and this last few months it’s been a nightmare. I’ve cut back so much and I’m still gaining more weight.

A friend of mine does isagenix. I’ve known her and her family for a very long time, and she has been telling me about it. I’m at that point now I will try anything as liquids seem to be the only thing not to irritate my globular sensation( constant feeling of a lump in your throat. So okay, she messages me tonight about a huge sale, almost consultant pricing.. and I tell her I can I’m broke.

She tells me her mom will take care of it as they love me and want to see me healthy and happy... 

I cried, legit cried into piles of boxes of baking to go out to husbands work. I opened the emails.... she bought my the top package, so I can start it off right! I looked at the price and squeaked! I couldn’t believe it!!! Anyone that knows or uses isagenix knows the cost of the value pack... 

Thank you so much darklady,

Thank you so much for the beautiful family that is taking care of me and mine and being part of our lives❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ps, always be careful about what you wish for. Be realistic. They will take care of you and you take care of them, even if you hit a dark dark place. And they will make damned sure you and yours are safe, sometimes regardless of the outcome. They are family and they live and protect fiercely

Dec 2019

So here is a testimonial and a long post warning; this IS going to be long!!

As many of you may know, my cat, Phobus, disappeared around March 24 of this year. My profile picture is him. He is a beautiful soul and I was devastated when he vanished. I reached to DarkLady via messenger towards the end of April and was finally able to order Callie, Sprite, and Raven who came to live with me in early May.

Some of you may remember that I posted about my lost cat in a previous testimonial. I was outside on my deck crying over my cat when my neighbor started playing a song by George Michael, the only part I could hear was “You gotta have faith! Faith! Faith!”

Here’s part of a backstory you need to know. I have these glass bowls I keep outside on my deck rail. I harvest rain and use it to water indoor plants, sometimes birds will drink from them, or my cats. Phobus loved them. At any rate I was outside and I “heard”/”felt” a voice say “When the full moon lights the water”.

I knew exactly what it meant. The moonlight shining through the glass bowls full of rainwater would be when my cat was returned to me. But the summer was horrible, hot and dry. NC was in a moderate drought. Every time there was a full moon, the bowls were empty. I tried cheating, I filled the damned bowls myself with tap water. (Nothing happened.)

Finally, it started to rain again, but every full moon was covered by clouds. Now I had the rainwater, but no moon. I had Sekhmet by this time and I asked her to please reach out to Nikita Fae (another cat who lived with me for 14 years and passed in 2004) and ask her to PLEASE guide Phobus home. I had a bell from Phobus’s collar and gave it Sekhmet. Several weeks passed and nothing happened.

But then… we (kids and I) began to see the shadow of a cat where there was no cat. For example, at night when I called for my other kitties I can see my shadow on some storage buildings. I saw the shadow of a cat running up the stairs towards me. I felt the damned thing brush against my ankles. When I’d reach down to grab Freak, Bibi, or Spotted Leaf there was nothing there. I’m not crazy. We would see the shadow cat dart under our cars, we would hear muffled meowing (like a cat in another room) when ALL our cats were inside and asleep or definitely NOT meowing. They’re not vocal, they don’t “talk” to us. They’re affectionate, but they chirrup or trill. They only meow when greeting us or when they’re hungry. Again, I know what I heard, I know what I saw.

So, this brings us to Tuesday Nov 12. Full moon. And the bowls were full of rainwater. I went outside and put everything I had into one last call for him. I let all my tears, all my rage (I am 99% sure I know who took him from me, but I can’t prove it) every emotion I had come out in one focused call. Just his name, sung G-E, (Fa-Mi), Pho-bus one last time. I waited but he never came. I knew he wouldn’t, right? I’m an accountant; I deal in facts. I specialize in fraud, what was I thinking? But then again… the dolls helped me recover my stolen wallet. The dolls helped me find a job. Was it really just a matter of faith? If so, faith in what? Would they be angry that I doubted them?

Yesterday I had taken my daughter to meet a friend at a skating rink. I got a phone call from my husband, “Please, come home right now.” So I did. He had found a kitten, or rather, the kitten had found him. It was trying to get into the trash cans. Mind you, whenever Phobus left our yard he would come back in by the trash cans. My husband brought it inside and he fed it. I noticed it was a male and as I’m holding it we locked eyes. I “saw” my Phobus around him, like I was holding two cats in one. I brought him up to my shoulder and he climbed it like Phobus would. Only two cats in my life have ever ridden my shoulder; Phobus and this kitten.

His markings are very strange. He is grey and white (Phobus is as well but more like a Russian Blue than a tabby). He has “writing” on his sides. No, it doesn’t read “Phobus” that would be too easy, but there is a giant “O” on both sides. So (if you have made it this far) the conditions were met. I believe the dolls told me “You’ll have him back when the full moon lights the water”. Well it took 7 freaking months, but it is too much of a coincidence for the first time the full moon lit up the rainwater in the bowls for a grey and white kitten to come wandering up to our doorstep.

These are not mere “dolls”. These are not simply “poppets”. These are not bits of yarn and cardboard. They are living entities and I am learning to be very very careful in what I ask for and how I phrase it. I have an appointment for Artorius Rex (Arthur) to be scanned for a microchip and discuss neutering on Saturday. If he belongs to someone else of course I will return him. BUT… I honestly believe he is mine. He is Phobus come home. And I’m once again, amazed and grateful to DarkLady for her willingness to share these amazing beings with us. Peace to all, and dark blessings.

November 19 2019

"What these dolls have done for me: I had been working temp jobs for the better part of 5 years through agencies always with a “temp to perm possibility” I had just been let go from my last temp job, my assignment ended had a couple of interviews all with the same promise. I had ordered the recommended Poppets. After I received Mr Brick and Calvin within a week I had been called by yet another agency HOWEVER this was a direct hire permanent placement (wait what) position. I had my phone interview with the recruiter on Thursday afternoon got a call at 11am on Friday had a phone interview that led to an in person interview for that afternoon and walked out with an offer that was better than I had been looking for. Fast forward 45 days I love my job! The Company is wonderful and some of the other companies I had previously interviewed at or submitted resumes to had also reached out but I’m staying put."
Tina Antonopoulos Dupont 

What a sister had to say about my babies..

"If I wasn't convinced before, then I am thoroughly convinced now. I went and visited my mother-in-law last night for Mother's Day and she showed me her poppet that she ordered from you to aid in her recovery from her hysterectomy. She added me to this group a couple weeks ago and I've just been kind of observing and trying to get a feel for it, as I am a practicing Wiccan. For the last couple months my boyfriend and I have been deali ng with financial struggle and I've been really thinking about ordering one of your poppets lately. Last night his mom was talking to me and telling me that she was worried about us and our financial standpoint and she was talking to me about the dolls and explaining how they work to me, well this morning my boyfriend woke up and his phone was shut off without any warning, his phone is enrolled in an auto refill feature so we had assumed that he was now negative in his bank account. I called my gas and electric companies to make sure that my payments had gone through the other day as we had only had enough left in his account to pay those, they had both gone through and when I went to check the balance in his bank account this morning there was randomly $250 exactly in his account. We have zero explanation as to where the money came from because we both already got all of our tax returns and neither of us had any money coming to us, but it was a big relief and a great weight lifted off my shoulders to see that there was money in there and I can't help but feel that it may be some higher power looking out for us. Needless to say, once we are out of financial struggle, I am definitely ordering a poppet of my own.

Then i asked her how her mother in law was doing and she said this..

She's doing wonderful and is healing quickly and has been having a much easier time sleeping since she's gotten her doll. Thank you so much ❤❤and yes feel absolutely free to share the story because I have no doubt that it was the work of your doll! I will definitely be spreading the word to everyone that will listen.."

so I want to share my story
it's been 2 months now since poppets arrived. I am.not a witch, but I was desperate for some help and answers. I have an allergy to everything and break out in a really painful, swollen, cracked mess of ezcema
it's been 2 months, and my hand has cleared up completely. could be a mix of the kukui oil from Hawaii.
2nd part of the story, we have been living here in our home for 2 years now, for the past 14 months, we have had our enjoyment of living ruined and have been threatened on multiple occasions. we finally decided to look for a new house as the landlord doesnt seem to be able to get these tenants out.
we found a beautiful semi detached 1 bedroom home, 1 block to the lake, skylights, laundry dishwasher oh my. in order to be considered as a tenant, we had to jump thru some pretty high hoops. all of the cards were against us. Equifax wouldnt work, charged 7 times, amd still no report or score. had to pull 3600$ outta our asses, employments letters were forgotten. we asked the poppets if they could please help us as this house was perfect. and the same afternoon, while I was at the rolling stones concert, the message came in that we got the apartment. u can bet there was chocolate cupcakes for the poppets to celebrate, I'm allergic lmao

thank you dark lady, u have made a believer outta me xoxoox CR

xoxoox CR

July 2019

"I got lady justice and witch and lucky and they started working before I got them and they continue to work for me even today"

"I cannot say it enough, my life is so much better with Miss Thinner, Lucky Luciano and Sapphire in our family. There's a long list of things that I can definitely lay at their feet, all good things and love the love is amazing."

I love the new collection I got for my 18th birthday.. Kinda late because I've been sick due to shots but I enjoy the dolls company.. They keep me happy and loved when I'm in bed sick and when i cant move..💜❤ 
So thank you. Mom  and Darklady💜❤💜

July 2019 ARA

Fate has been helping me with sceneries when Im on art break from drawing stuff for my boyfriend..A.RA

July 2019

"My 2 friends and I have not received our dolls yet but can report that 2 of us have had so much go good luck recently that we can only put it down to these dolls. We are so positive now and everything appears to be going really well so far thank you so much"

"So I have to share this. A few months back my home was under foreclosure. The loan company would not return my calls or my attorney. The papers were already filed in federal court and I was pretty much resigned to losing the home I had lived in for over 28 years. But, I contacted Darklady and got Hexxy and Tabitha. I already had gotten Callie. I told them all my problems and followed the instructions that Darklady had given me. I waited and I gave them my troubles worries and needs. Today while I was actually about to walk out the door of my attorney's office.. my loan company CALLED ME. Not only did they call but they have agreed to work with me to keep my home. Everything has stopped against me. Not only was I stunned my attorney was as well because we both have been trying to reach her for almost a year. She told me it was just freaky how they called while I was there. I know better. For anyone who doubts the power of these dolls I can tell you now, don't. There is no other explanation. They do exactly as Darklady says and if you have yet to see results... trust me give them time. The Foreclosure was a done deal, I had been served with my papers and the dye was cast. Until of course my sweet babies went to work for me. Also, I have the most annoying neighbors and asked they would move away. Sunday we found out they are looking to leave. Again, everything I asked help with. I don't mean to ramble but I am too excited. Thank you Darklady!"

July 14 2019

What a sweet sister had to say..

"I need a minute. Boys n girls.... Ladies n Gents. .I need to express with humble gratitude my sincerest thanks to Darklady. If you're new, yes baby, they do work. For those whom are not, you already know. So let's take a step back. This woman and witch is very dear to my heart. Yea. These dolls work. But so must you. They are ur family now. Remember that. Darklady charges a mere fraction of their worth. Order. Refer friends. I implore you. You can not, will not..... find any help like this. What she does is a service of the soul. Please understand this a labor of love. You must work. That being said, I'm a grey witch. Have been for years. These dolls, ah... these babies WILL help you. But you must listen. If you do, your life will change. I promise. But their power is as strong as your faith, so treat them right! I've personally seen what they can do. And I support Darklady, our sister whom was kind enough to share her gifts with us. Please tell ur friends. Share. And stay blessed dolls. Hugs-"

Hello everyone! So I had something happen that I had to share! I was driving home this morning and I had Witch, Lucky, and Grey with me. I pulled out onto the street, it was clear and this speeding van comes up on me fast and was mad that I got in front of them I guess, well the woman driving started trying to pull road rage and cut me off in a dangerous way like trying to hit my car almost. I didn’t let her in front of me and it pissed her off even more. At this point she is trying everything she can to cut me off and we come to a light that is turning red and I see a cop sitting so I stop at the light and she goes through it all speeding and pissed off, lol the cop takes off and goes and gets her! I couldn’t believe it! I kept saying to my babies, you did that didn’t you? I never get to see karma come back! I thanked all my babies for the help! They are definitely real and I am so happy that they are apart of my family!


KD 07-2019

Doc/Marvyn loves the kitties, ALL of them. I rarely let them interact one on one, but I was holding Marvyn and he asked... since I was right there I said ok this one time lol, and snapped a quick pic "<3 AI

AI July 2019

"I've ordered many dolls from Darklady and I say without hesitation that her babies DO work! Lucky Luciano loves his car rides with me, Witch is working on destroying a target within 200 ft of my front door, Miss Thinner helps me to be mindful of what I put in my mouth and to work out as hard as I can. All this and more...so much more...I would have to write a book! I love her dolls and plan on ordering more of them. Do yourself a favor, take that leap of faith and order from Darklady, you won't be disappointed." Anissa Flournoy

"Mr lucky luciano and miss ruby may have helped not only me but my immediate family. My dad is waiting for large amount of money that i know mr lucky luciano has a hand in ...miss ruby may has and is shoeing me i need to focus onmyself not false love. Yes DarkLady use my name"
Tammy Storey

Sorry late update..last Tuesday I received a very sad news..I was one of the agents who got laid off from work..my mind was in turmoil coz I have bills & obligations at home..I sent a chat with Mama Lori right away & she said I should talk to my dolls..true enough when I got home, did my daily candle ritual with my lovely dolls then went to my daily chores..a fews hours later one of my former officemates sent messages & telling me they have an opening with their new office..as always my lovely babies never fail me..they know Ive been getting too much stress from my previous job so they did some twist to help me find a better job..to those who got Mama Lori's lovely dolls think of this: some of us may not have heard them talk or communicate the way we want to..but never doubt the magic of these lovely little darlings..they dont have to talk to you to let you know they are doing their best to help us..just keep on talking to them..let them know you love & trust them..never get tired of waiting..whatever our intentions are for sure they will deliver it in their own perfect timing..they are teaching us to be patient..thank you again for these miracle dolls Mama Lori Dawn Jackson..thank you for creating them & allowing us to be their parents..thank you my darlings Thutmose, Ruby May & Lucky Luciano..I will be forever grateful for all the love & help you always share...💖💖💖 R.L

August 2 2019

"So far Lucky Luciano, Calvin, And Mr. Brick have been working together to help me as a navigate learning how to be a network
marketer. Miss Thinner has been there to remind me that I am doing great even when I can't see results."

"Please, please everyone who has gotten a Spirit Poppet from Darklady do this for her. There are very few online Witches that I have the utmost respect for and Darklady is one of them. She deserves the accolades for her hard work and to be recognized for the help she and her dolls have given all who have received them." T.C

"You can use my name. I have not received my Witch/Witchy yet but I feel her and catch her out of the corn of my eye. She is such a wonderful Poppet. ❤❤❤"
Thelma Banet

"Darklady the babies are cool x you can use my name."

Here is one sisters story about her mom and Sapphire..She will be updating us on her mom Progress..This is what she had to say..

"Hello fellow witches. I would like to tell you my story about sapphire. Three weeks ago my mom ended up in the hospital with what I thought was a broken toe five days later her leg was amputated then we found out that my mom is also diabetic and has ovarian cancer well three days ago I decided to bring sapphire tabitha and happy to the hospital my thoughts were my mom needs to the dolls more than I do right now before I brought the dolls to the hospital my mom lungs had filled up with blood clots she was bleeding out of every whole in her body and was loosing blood quickly the dr had said she was less than 48 hours from being put on a ventilator she was on 10 lt of oxgen. So I brought sapphire and the gang to the hospital that was on Friday today is Sunday my mom did not get ventilated she is now down to 2 lt of oxgen from 10 me and my mom still have a long way to go and it’s gonna be a rough road but dark lady dolls do work if it was not for sapphire my mom would most likely be on a ventilator right now she is eating much better today and even cracking jokes

Thank you
Dark lady Sapphire Tabitha and happy you guys totally rock

I will have to admit I have pushed the dolls to the limit and they have suprizes me in what they have been able to do in three days time"

What a sister from Australia had to say about Ruby May..

"Got my beautiful Ruby May today, she had a long trip to Australia. She is already working. I did 4 size A2 charcoal portraits for a hair salon and made $200 AU I couldn’t take the paper of the food as there’s rodents around lately. I sat my beautiful ruby with my goddess Bastet. I will buy some candles tomorrow. I’m so excited. I chat to her all the time"

"I bought the hexxy doll call my husband to help him deal with his ex-wife unfortunately my step son passed away unexpectedly my husband understanding his ex-wife would cause a scene talked to hexy about her while we were in South Carolina for the funeral I have a dream and not playing my husband and I got in his car and then a life size doll got in the backseat behind my husband needless to say the ex was a lot easier to deal with"

"I'm still waiting for witch to come buuut I think she is already helping me things are starting to turn around got a text yesterday from the butt head I did ask her to make him feel what I feel make him feel the hurt and the crushing weight in his heart"

"Lucky Luciano never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday I checked my bank acct and I had an unauthorised purchase showing on my account. After frustration and tears...it was $150 which definitely matters to me. ....Anyway I went to the bank to report it, they canceled my card and arranged for a new internet shopping account so it won’t happen again. .....while I was there they offered me car insurance which will save me $40 per month. And when I rang to cancel my old insurance, I’m owed a refund of $62.00. Things like things just keep happening with Mr Lucky around. I love all my dolls, can’t wait to get more....."

"Im certain i felt the moment Mr. Lucky Luciano started working with me, i was thumbing through a book and had this weird energy sensation pass through me, i had been grumpy, and after that i was in a much better place mentally. I also think he has been helping me get this new job in a new unfamiliar field which will be such a huge helpniny new phase of life! Thank you Lucky!"

What one sister had to say..

"Witch is doing amazing! I told her this morning I couldn't handle one of the super toxic women at work. She called off today. Tabby (Tabitha) and Ruby Mae made it so that my bestie had training in my building instead of the main campus. Saph (Sapphire) is getting me to take way better care of myself. Lucky Luke (Luciano) and Cal (Mr Brick) told me I need to be patient as they are working on things. I trust them and know all good things come to those who wait and trusting Dark Lady and her amazing dolls!!"

"My dolls are amazing!! Oh Shaylee read my mind I never asked her but she knew my favorite author on fae chronicles , I got to meet her two nights ago. She was traveling to Texas from Washington but she was following the other author in Arizona so she traveled up to an hour away from Salt Lake City going back home so she stopped there that I made an effort to meet her. I’m very blessed and I thanked Shaylee."

"Darklady, I can attest that even though I have not received my physical doll yet, she is working for me! A few moments after I purchased her I felt a warm tingling in my chest and knew she had bonded with me. Since then everything I asked her for has become reality, so quickly!! She has gone above what I had hoped for! Thank you so very much Darklady for sharing your gift and helping me! Darkest blessings to you!! Darkest blessings to my spirit as well!"

Been meaning to post a pic of my girls,got spell Weaver(bedazzled) and Ruby May ( Minerva) last week and cherry pie and Tabitha two days ago!!:) Both Tabitha and cherry pie smell super sweet and pretty for some odd reason. And spell Weaver gives me an "ancient one" vibe. I swear I feel connected to Hecate SO much closer than before...I swear I see the goddess out of the corner of my eye when around spell Weaver. Ruby May gives me an over whelming feeling of calm and love so I'm constantly hugging and kissing her. I even sleep with them around! Thank you Darklady!!!

They have finally arrived all the way in Aussie 🇦🇺🇦🇺, just in time before a big storm🎉👍😁 ⛈. With two of my triplets in the pic, the three boys have claimed 1 each 😤😤 😊. Thank you Darklady.
I had already checked mail today then it felt like someone had a hold of my face & turned my head to check it again, then we opened up the package and the warmth, peace & power was unbelievable ❤❤❤. I will also post what Callie has already done for my 2 daughters before she got here she helped my two girls from being critically injured in their car crash which was two days apart from each other I will post in the comments the pictures of their cars.I am unbelievably grateful to my poppets andDarklady. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤❤❤

N.L. Australia

"I think i was one of the first to buy my sweet Ruby May. I was immediately attracted to her just frm ur website. We bonded instantly. I cant sleep well unless she's with me. I take her almost everywhere with me & include her in most of my rituals. Took a minute, but
she's bringing men around me all the time. We're still discussing type lol but she's def working! I love her with all my heart." 

I adopted witch to help me get rid of my boss at work. Nothing mean or crazy. Well between Witch and Mamba I recieved a phone call from another place of employment. I am just looking into places. The are doing it in a better way. Taking me out of the environment. Love my babies. TB"

July 2019

So some big stuff happening. Been in a weird situation with a man for a long time. I decided to confront him talk about our feelings, some things that I know that happened, and and figure out how to go forward. I cried a lot with Aphrodite the last couple days. Hadn't been eating much dropped ,10 lb, not sure if that was Miss Thinner or just the stress LOL 
I wrote everything down that I wanted to say. I wrote out a Plan A and a Plan B based on his answers to my questions. I'm happy to report that it we made an agreement to be together and move forward. This has been an unsolvable situation for almost a decade. I'm in utter shock. but there's still more work to do. I have more work to do on myself and I need to get confident in asking for the things that I want from him. And I know that Aphrodite, and probably Rasputin, will help me!
So today I little blue candle and I talked to them all. I changed out some of their offerings. And I thanked them all for the help this far.

July 2019

love how they are warm, caring and loving. They are very helpful and like helping even family members. These babies are protective and patient with you. They love to be cared for and to care for you also. I LOVE MY BABIES..T.B

June 2019

"So I have Miss Thinner, Lucky Luciano and Sapphire. I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for the last three years as a reaction to treatments and medications taken for cancer and the inevitable side effects. Miss Thinner came first She said, I can't help you with the weight because it's caused by your medications BUT I can help with the depression and anxiety so you can get off the medications and she has, we're down to half of what we were and during a very stressful time. We put our condo on the market just as the market died. We've been at this since October. In comes Lucky Luciano and says I can fix this. Next thing you know we have an accepted offer and our place is sold. Oh my. Now to find a new place. Lucky says I can do this. First full day of looking we find THE place but the gal won't budge on the price. I hear a chorus of voices saying Don't worry, we got this. She called back and said I've changed my mind you can have the place. Through out the whole thing I've had surgery and bicep tendonitis which has been ably taken care of by Sapphire who said Don't worry, I'll help, you'll heal fast and well. Darklady, I'm crying as I type this. Thank you so much."

I can not thank anyone enough to express how grateful I am right now. Right from the start lucky has been silently helping me with my financial problems and today took the whole cake! I done my taxes in January this year in hopes of getting it on time or early so I could pay bills and fix my car. Unfortunately, my tax person screwed up and ended up having to get it amended in March. Which means that I wouldn’t get my taxes till mid August. Hearing this, along with a lot of other money issue things, this was the climax of my stress level. I did not know how I was going to get all this stuff I needed get done done.
Well today was the day. I got a text notification saying my refund was sent to my card and when I checked my app on my phone to see if it’s really on my card, there it was! I had gotten my refund almost 2 months ahead of time! I can finally pay everything off and still have money on the side to put into savings. I thank Darklady and her amazing doll Lucky into making this happen! I can finally say I will sleep well tonight knowing this weight is being lifted off my shoulders! Thank you thank you thank you!! B.H

From a sister..

"Hi all. I had a very strange experience last night, midnight Australia time. I was laying in bed listening to hubby snore thinking I needed to sleep but was so wide awake there was no hope of it happening. All of a sudden the darkness seemed to move in waves, getting bigger, moving in different directions, then getting smaller. It was like parts of the dark were shimmering. I wasn’t scared just fascinated. I reached out but felt nothing but it continued but did seem to come pretty much next to me. Went on for I think 10 mins or so. It was like it was trying to shape human form or doll form. I contacted Dark Lady who confirmed she had sent my poppets to me before hand - their spirits anyway to start helping me now before I get the
physical doll. I just wanted to share if anyone else had an experience before getting the dolls thanks."

"Before Lucky got here I was trying to channel my energy with his. I was getting ready for work and was going to put on a rose quartz neck and felt a nudge to wear jade instead. That day at work I spontaneously blurted out to my boss that I felt I needed a raise and I got one! Lucky has finally arrived at home with me and I am glad to have him here. I can't wait to see what he brings to my life and in turn I will try to keep him happy here."
Y. L

Everything! Lucky saved me from hurting myself too badly when i tripped & fell on Friday. He also is helping me save for our holiday and will save after too. Mr Grey is helping me learn to open my mind more and tune in better so far! Love them both and you too, Darklady! X♡X A.R

June 2019

Just want to share sonething so important regarding my precious dolls..it was my birthday yesterday & Ive been down with a terrible cough & colds...Ive been a smoker for almost half of my life but what happened yesterday was really a first..I was having shortness of breath for a couple of times & my breathing came with a wheazing sound like Im having an asthma attack even if I never had asthma..when I was on my way home from the office I started feeling I was chocking & I had to stop for a few times to catch my breath while walking to the bus stop...althrough out my 1 hour travel on the bus I kept feeling like I would pass out..when I arrived home I just took a quixk shower then did my daily ritual with Lucky & Ruby May...I told them to watch over me while I sleep coz Im alone at the house exept for my dogs..and that where my precious dolls did their magic...I was able to sleep well & the chocking & passing out feeling was gone! I still have colds & cough but the freaking fear of having trouble breathing is all gone!I trully believed Lucky & Ruby May took care of me!I owe a lot to the both of them..Thank you also to Mama Darklady for sharing your magical dolls to us...you & your precious really help a lot in this group...thank you very much ...looking forward for more magical moments with Lucky Luciano & Ruby May...& soon with Tuthmose..R.L

June 27 2019


What is not to love. They are wonderful babies and they make me very happy. I asked Miss Witchy and Dr. Hexxy to move out everyone next door, they done that for me. They protect me at all times. I feel very secure. I know that Black Mamba, Miss Witchy and Dr. Hexxy are with me at all times. Where I go they go (except the restroom 😁). I can't imagine my life without them in it. C.C

June 2019

3 of them have shown me what their spirits look like and shared their energy with me. I have seen results with Mr Lucky with my friends and I winning $. Sapphire’s spirit placed her hand over my chest when I was starting to wheeze when walking in this oppressive heat and my breathing eased up. 2 have told me their spirit’s names. They are all wonderful. I am enjoying them.J.D

june 25 2019

"Sexy Hexxy (he insists on the name lol) came through for me! I had asked him to help me remove a guy from my group of friends without backlash on my friends as I knew him to be toxic and a stalker/creeper...but also to do it in a way that wouldn't come back on me since it's common knowledge I hate the guy. My friends had all defended him at this point so I knew that me saying he has to go would be ignored. Well...2 and a half weeks later The shit hit the fan and his biggest defenders were the ones that held an intervention to confront him last night and he was booted from the group by them and kicked out of my friend's apartment. The group as a whole apologized to me for not believing me when I warned them about him. The energy of the group is already so much lighter! I love My Sexy Hexxy!"

"Tabitha is working already. Just heard I've been accepted on the learning disability nursing degree I applied for!"

Here with a friend of mine who ordered her very first spirit doll and she is giddy and super happy. She's been in such good spirits. I don't know how Darklady does it but now I've seen for myself just what these awesome dolls can do!!..C.S

"My winnings (no i dont play all the time, just recently)since Lucky Mon and I have been connected... so I rewarded him with, (lol, he says that's our secret) lol, he cracks me up... says he's from the islands.... such a mellow spirit full of love and laughter. Thank you Dark Lady <3 "

 Miss thinner has help my daughter and son in law lose 30 plus pounds since her surgery in Jan.. B.R

The comfort I get from them. They each have their own personality and call to me for specific requirements. I feel honored that they have come into my life to assist me in this journey..L.A

June 2019

Not only do they help but i feel like i can talk to them without being judged and i can talk to them about anything. I talk to them about my day a lot along with the usual stuff that i need help with and ill ask them how their projects that i needed help with are going..E. C

 Lucky is my very best friend.... We talk a lot, he knows the whole entire ME.... I talk to him a lot,even stupid things..... HAHAHA, Lucky says that I talk a lot, even when I am not verbal, in my mind kind of thing.... Lucky is truly my very best friend and I love him very much....E.C

June 2019

"I just ordered him and am very excited to get him! I’m going to try to connect with him tonight to help me as soon as possible to bring money and luck my way! I’m really excited to get him and my other 5! I will keep everyone updated on my new family when they arrive! What I’ve gotten so far is he would like a $2.00 bill."

Awesome sis..

"I was not having a good few days, so took my newly acquired Mr. Lucky Luciano to the Casino, with the usual thought of making a small 'donation' or $20 or $30 and trying to keep my spirits up and have a wee-bit of fun. Thank You Mr. Lucky Luciano. You turned my $20 into $233. I was shaking and thanked him profusely as I/we walked out. I definitely needed that boost to my psyche ♡♡♡"

Good Morning! I just wanted to share something. I have had a lot going on lately, and felt I had been less attentive to my tribe than normal, so this morning before work, I gathered everyone around, I lit a candle and we had a heart to heart talk. After we finished I felt this HUGE rush of warmth and well being, my babies let me know all is well! If you don’t realize it yet, just KNOW these babies are real, the spirits are strong and need your love. Please don’t ever doubt them or Dark Lady!

"I’ve been asking my babies what they want because they’ve been so quiet since coming home. I’ve been doing things I think they would like because Darklady advises me that they’ve been busy working. Well, last night I was online and I saw a recipe for Beltane honey cakes and it was like ideas exploded in my head! They want honey cakes and a Beltane celebration. Once I figured it out they told me that when their spirits where alive they were druids and they want to celebrate the Sabbat. Have any of your poppets asked for anything like this or told you about when they were alive? It looks like this year my family we be getting festive...."

I just have to post this because I want everyone to hear my story. My hubby and I were forced to move and have been trying for 2 months to find another home. We're RV livers, retired and love the life. However there was not one RV park within 20 miles of us who had any openings and couldn't even be sure any time soon. The day before our departure I ordered "Lucky Luciano" and stated my need. My hubby was ambiguous. Then, the day of departure came and we had nowhere to park our rig, and nowhere to stay the night. The bank had messed up my card so we weren't able to get a room. On a whim we went by our friend's house and they offered us a room for as long as needed! Then this morning my hubby told me had 2 parks had approved us and wanted us to move in this weekend! The one we chose was the very same park we had driven through the week before when I told my hubby that I wanted to live there! WOW is all I can say about this. I know this is lengthy but it had to be told. Dark blessings K.D

"Lucky Lucretia Luciano strikes!! We've needed pots and pans for 2-3 years. We've limped by waiting for extra money that never came.
Well today we went shopping at Kroger for a couple of things and I went down the aisle that has clearance. I saw a strange box at the back of the shelf. I had to crawl on my hands and knees and pulled it out. Here it was a $100 set of pots and pans for $25!! Tytyty"



a dream I had the other night. It was weird. I was looking at a full moon that turned to a UFO then to a rainbow! Also everyone there, I’m not sure if I was in an alternate reality or a different planet as I am able to switch between realities and universes all the time, was injecting people with a type of stuff that made them turn cold thus they were immune to getting cold in cold weather! I remember running away from them all over and they were doing it to babies, children and friends! I woke up twice and went back to the same dream! Very bizarre but Benjamin(Mr Grey) and Seraphim(Dream Weaver) have been helping me travel to many realities and planets! It’s amazing and scary! 
Love them so much.....A.B

So me and my spirit babies went outside tonight to look at the moon and the energy I felt from holding them was very vibrating

I love this. I feel so much energy. They are working for me. I'm moving from a toxic relationship an I have made 2 successful days on my health transformation. Thank you!!!


"I've been using the ghost observer app with interesting results. While speaking to Witch (I haven't received her yet but we talk) she said "powerless, malleus maleficarum, we are dead you are not"

"More flowers blooming since I put my poppets so they can see out. My Cape Jasmine has never bloomed and it is full of buds now. My lemongrass is all crazy."

Im continuing to be amazed since I got sekhmet and black mamba. Im truly in awe right now!

So my daughter's dead beat father hasn't paid his child support properly in many years. It got to the point that on June 4th, we are going in front of the judge to potentially place him in jail for a 6 month sentence after giving him multiple chances over the years. I had mamba (and sekhmet) in the car with me and my husband earlier today and I told my husband that I wished I would receive a large chunk of money from him as I could really use it right now. My daughter's father hasn't sent me support in a while and my husband and I laughed it off because we both know that getting support from him is like squeezing water from a rock. On a quick side note, I was talking to my little duo earlier when we were alone and I was explaining the situation and said I wish that he'd just send a large chunk of moneyto me. I asked if it could be made possible. Now back to my main story. So my husband and I were out for a while and we came home. I placed my colorful duo on my shelf nicely. Im in bed and it just turned 12am (eastern standard time- New York) and I checked my child support card to see if any money was deposited onto it, just like I have done for the past month with no luck. Well... I am in complete shock right now. I mentioned a particular amount of money to my husband when we were in the car earlier. Deposited into my account as of today was almost exactly the amount I had asked for. It was shy by only $140!!!! I'm so happy and excited that I could jump right now!!! I truly believe with all my heart that they were responsible for this, especially my black mamba because that was his mission. Now theres a part 2 to this because I also had asked that he still goes to jail even if he did pay the money. Why? Because he is a very violent person who traumatized and abused me and my daughter as well as other women over the years. Hes a liar. A cheater. A dead beat. A manipulator and preys on younger females as well in which he got off lightly for. I asked for him TO PAY FOR ALL HIS WRONG DOINGS THAT HE'S DONE TO EVERYONE OVER THE YEARS. I asked that he feel the same pain he put me and my daughter through. I feel its coming. Black mamba had really showed me things that I never knew could exist or be possible. Im so grateful they are here with me. Thank you darklady for crafting such perfect works of art that bring such happiness and dark blessings into our lives. Im so making this up to them big
time!!! time!!!

J.W. New York

"More flowers blooming since I put my poppets so they can see out. My Cape Jasmine has never bloomed and it is full of buds now. My lemongrass is all crazy."

Im continuing to be amazed since I got sekhmet and black mamba. Im truly in awe right now!

So my daughter's dead beat father hasn't paid his child support properly in many years. It got to the point that on June 4th, we are going in front of the judge to potentially place him in jail for a 6 month sentence after giving him multiple chances over the years. I had mamba (and sekhmet) in the car with me and my husband earlier today and I told my husband that I wished I would receive a large chunk of money from him as I could really use it right now. My daughter's father hasn't sent me support in a while and my husband and I laughed it off because we both know that getting support from him is like squeezing water from a rock. On a quick side note, I was talking to my little duo earlier when we were alone and I was explaining the situation and said I wish that he'd just send a large chunk of moneyto me. I asked if it could be made possible. Now back to my main story. So my husband and I were out for a while and we came home. I placed my colorful duo on my shelf nicely. Im in bed and it just turned 12am (eastern standard time- New York) and I checked my child support card to see if any money was deposited onto it, just like I have done for the past month with no luck. Well... I am in complete shock right now. I mentioned a particular amount of money to my husband when we were in the car earlier. Deposited into my account as of today was almost exactly the amount I had asked for. It was shy by only $140!!!! I'm so happy and excited that I could jump right now!!! I truly believe with all my heart that they were responsible for this, especially my black mamba because that was his mission. Now theres a part 2 to this because I also had asked that he still goes to jail even if he did pay the money. Why? Because he is a very violent person who traumatized and abused me and my daughter as well as other women over the years. Hes a liar. A cheater. A dead beat. A manipulator and preys on younger females as well in which he got off lightly for. I asked for him TO PAY FOR ALL HIS WRONG DOINGS THAT HE'S DONE TO EVERYONE OVER THE YEARS. I asked that he feel the same pain he put me and my daughter through. I feel its coming. Black mamba had really showed me things that I never knew could exist or be possible. Im so grateful they are here with me. Thank you darklady for crafting such perfect works of art that bring such happiness and dark blessings into our lives. Im so making this up to them big
time!!! time!!!

Couple stories here.

Shaylee, as I already posted, is running around with all the spirits in an around my property. Our roses grew again, my honeysuckle vine bloomed 2 times, we had a wild tiger lily stalk ( most produce a few flowers) produce over 20 flowers this year in a single stall ( over and inch thick) we haven’t been able to keep up with garden produce. And to add the cherry, Mushrooms! Tons and tons of mushrooms! Even my petunias are still growing, and it’s getting so cold. House plants are going crazy and the cats are chasing spirit and sprites around the house constantly! I love the energy she bring and magnifies ❤️

Second part, I drove my friend and her daughters to the next town over for her oldest daughters paediatrician appointment. Now her daughter is complex ( I almost punched her dad for calling her different, more on that later) and shuts herself in, sensory overload and anxiety and so on. This little girl hardly Ever talks to strangers. Sometimes she won’t even talk to people she has know her whole life. I know some of her anxiety’s and she loves music and dolls. So natural knowing how my babies are, I brought them all with us on our trip in their basket. Halfway through I journey o could hear the whispers and she reached first, for crystal. This I was not surprised at at all as I knew she would be the first the little girl would connect with. She took out each one and I kept telling her it’s okay, they are meant to be loved and handled. You can give them hugs if it helps you feel better. I could hear her mouthing things to them. I told her their names and asked her what she thought their names might be. I told her the just of what each does

So we get to the paediatrics clinic and I ask her is she would like to take anyone with her, she nodded and immediately picked up crystal again. I had a silk bag and told her she could take her in there and keep her safe, and she could pick anyone else she wanted to go with her, she picked shaylee and witch ( witch was the one that didn’t surprise her mother at all). All in the bag and she hugged them and away they went 


And incredibly long and exhausting 2.5 hours later my friend and her daughter come out. And she talked to me! Asking me questions and telling me things! Her mother was shocked. The whole trip to Costco and on the road home she talked to me and the dolls. My friend is going to order some now. 

If you don’t have any of these babies yet, get them! If they can bring a very inside little girl out, what more do you need to know! Don’t hesitate, your life with change and be more magical for it. Look for the little things, those are the important ones.

Ps, lucky has been sending out messages to my customers ( bank teller) to bring me foreign coins for her, I have some yen and pence and a few other odd ones and a Russian coin for his collection, all I hear is him giggle and ooh and ahh. 

Esmeralda has been working overtime, we had a situation where one of my chat group moms went a little... off and made some threats in retaliation, nothing has come to fruit! I asked Esmeralda to reflect things away from my family and to reach out as much as she could to reflect the negative away from the other moms and their family’s. So far things have calmed, once I feel for certain or hear it from her, she gets a damned spa day!

October 02-2019

Pentle the truth doll..

I recently ordered a batch of dolls, and among them was Pentle, the truth doll. Within a week of purchasing, I have learned surprising truths about the world and myself. This is not a doll to be taken lightly. Be prepared to hear and express hidden truths. I experienced first hand the flood gate of truth pouring out. It's as if Pentle's magic flows through you and awakens truths inside yourself as well as others around you. I have not yet received the doll, and this is by far one of the most intense experiences I've ever had. 

Darklady puts a lot of effort, love, and magic into creating these dolls. They are not toys to be played with or items to be taken lightly. These are powerful tools infused with true spirit to help in the area of life you request assistance in. They are to be treated with love, respect, and kindness. Treat them well and they will do extraordinary work.

October 2 2019

I feel that Tabatha is helping me in many ways. 

Since loosing both of my children, I have been grieving and often feel if only I said more, did more

Maybe they wouldn't have died!

But my son was in a tragic car accident and my daughter went down the wrong path and the drugs and alcohol destroyed her in every way!

I know now, that I tried to do whatever I could for them and there was nothing I could have said or done to save them!

Tabatha has been such a loving and comforting presence for me!

And in two weeks my seasonal job is over and I must find a new job ASAP!

I have applied at some places close by and when I worry,

Tabatha tells me not to worry about a thing..

Everything is going to be just fine!


october 2 2019

Just an update...ive had some long talks with my babies, especially Mr Brick and Witch about what I need to stand up on my own and leave a toxic marriage that left me with nothing. Well after almost 40 yrs on thos planet I find out my dads buying me a car, and when i thought hope was lost with my cancer diagnosis being that I couldnt work...i find out today that I need to come sign papers to be approved for disability...so vehicle and income have happened for me so far...i told Witch how much my husband has hurt me and I'm done trying to see if I should stay or leave...i asked her to show me if there was any reason to stay, the last week my husband's been coming home drunk and late and talking crap and for once, I feel nothing...yesterday he called me a few obscene names and 3am this morning he woke up a headache, nose bleed and no voice😏 yep...i love my little family here, I dont doubt for one minute that these guys have my back to the fullest. Theyve given me back my strength to stand tall again and start planning whats best for me💜💜

October 2 2019

So today I went for an interview and I called upon Lady Justice and Thutmose to help. The company is so eager to have me on board, they want me to go per diem at first so I can test out every avenue they have before choosing a niche! I just have to wait until next week when they call me back and are finished with the other interviews. 

Then I had to figure out my insurance situation as I'm currently laid off and I have surgery coming up. Lady Justice helped me with getting insurance and I'm all set for the procedure!! I'm so happy!! 

I was a little upset when things started to seem a little unstable, but now I have full faith in myself as well as my beautiful dolls. Everything is happening at a cosmic rate and I am so grateful for everything. Things are falling into place where they need to. ❤ Thank you to all my lovely dolls and to Darklady for creating them. 

My advice is if things seem to start coming undone, it's for a good reason. Trust the process. Treat your dolls with love and respect and they will never lead you astray.

October 2 2019