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From AG

Mr Lucky Luciano came to court with me last week for money owed to me. Kept trying to peak out from my inside pocket, after a gruelling hour and a half quizzing I was found to be right 😊 Callie got straight onto an important issue with my son and within hours, the tension had passed. 😊Miss Ruby May helped with the court situation too and continues to aid me 😊 I gave her a pretty jewel earring, you may be able to see it. Each of them got Brandy, cake, almond biscuits and a cigar.
Loving my dolls 😍
Thank you Darklady 

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From MS

So grateful for these guys.

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From SC

I had been checking the post office the past few days in anticipation. This morning, I had a shiver in my spine. I knew they were here! When I brought them home and placed them with the girls, I felt happy and excited. A little dizzy but able to shake it off. Thutmose insisted he wanted to be next to his buddy. Black Mamba is Happy to be with Witch. I'm happy to have my boys and girls. 

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From GF

Emmanuel likes amethyst, and I have lots of nice stone beads, so I made a necklace for him. 

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From CC

My kiddos and I sitting on our deck having a morning cup of Cappuccino. My kiddos said hello... 

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From AD

My babies in their new bed. They live in the Artic now so they have to have fur.

Waiting to Board

Flight to Greece

In flight

Hexxy on his trip to Greece AE
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From TC

Took a walk around the yard and found a beauty. Miss Ruby said it could be her dinner table.

Sent in by R.L 
Me & my lovely babies.. sure you can use my pic Mama Lori..Im proud to show my babies to everyone..

Sent from A.I. Fun in the shade, too hot in the sun 🌞

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My girls have arrive 
Saffy, Witchy and LJ. I feel absolutely exhausted now they've arrived, think we're all having a rest today

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Waking up to a big cuppa coffee

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My beautiful spirit dolls ♡♡♡

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Sent in from B.G

Sent in from M.S We have sun today

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You can see his gold chain here

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This was from the party I just haven’t cleaned it up yet....if you want use it that is up to you lol

Sent in from F.A

Apparently Ruby May is feeling some sorta way. I was lighting candles for all of them. Ruby wanted pink. And they were all the same length when started. Brick burnt the fastest, but hers was the biggest light. 
They all wanted my sour gummy octopi. I put a bunch on a plate and didn't count. Apparently my subconscious remembered to put out some for the dolls not yet here. Lol. Because there are exactly enough for all of them and the ones who are only here in spirit.

Sent in from J.B

October 3 2019

So here is a testimonial and a long post warning; this IS going to be long!!

As many of you may know, my cat, Phobus, disappeared around March 24 of this year. My profile picture is him. He is a beautiful soul and I was devastated when he vanished. I reached to DarkLady via messenger towards the end of April and was finally able to order Callie, Sprite, and Raven who came to live with me in early May.

Some of you may remember that I posted about my lost cat in a previous testimonial. I was outside on my deck crying over my cat when my neighbor started playing a song by George Michael, the only part I could hear was “You gotta have faith! Faith! Faith!”

Here’s part of a backstory you need to know. I have these glass bowls I keep outside on my deck rail. I harvest rain and use it to water indoor plants, sometimes birds will drink from them, or my cats. Phobus loved them. At any rate I was outside and I “heard”/”felt” a voice say “When the full moon lights the water”.

I knew exactly what it meant. The moonlight shining through the glass bowls full of rainwater would be when my cat was returned to me. But the summer was horrible, hot and dry. NC was in a moderate drought. Every time there was a full moon, the bowls were empty. I tried cheating, I filled the damned bowls myself with tap water. (Nothing happened.)

Finally, it started to rain again, but every full moon was covered by clouds. Now I had the rainwater, but no moon. I had Sekhmet by this time and I asked her to please reach out to Nikita Fae (another cat who lived with me for 14 years and passed in 2004) and ask her to PLEASE guide Phobus home. I had a bell from Phobus’s collar and gave it Sekhmet. Several weeks passed and nothing happened.

But then… we (kids and I) began to see the shadow of a cat where there was no cat. For example, at night when I called for my other kitties I can see my shadow on some storage buildings. I saw the shadow of a cat running up the stairs towards me. I felt the damned thing brush against my ankles. When I’d reach down to grab Freak, Bibi, or Spotted Leaf there was nothing there. I’m not crazy. We would see the shadow cat dart under our cars, we would hear muffled meowing (like a cat in another room) when ALL our cats were inside and asleep or definitely NOT meowing. They’re not vocal, they don’t “talk” to us. They’re affectionate, but they chirrup or trill. They only meow when greeting us or when they’re hungry. Again, I know what I heard, I know what I saw.

So, this brings us to Tuesday Nov 12. Full moon. And the bowls were full of rainwater. I went outside and put everything I had into one last call for him. I let all my tears, all my rage (I am 99% sure I know who took him from me, but I can’t prove it) every emotion I had come out in one focused call. Just his name, sung G-E, (Fa-Mi), Pho-bus one last time. I waited but he never came. I knew he wouldn’t, right? I’m an accountant; I deal in facts. I specialize in fraud, what was I thinking? But then again… the dolls helped me recover my stolen wallet. The dolls helped me find a job. Was it really just a matter of faith? If so, faith in what? Would they be angry that I doubted them?

Yesterday I had taken my daughter to meet a friend at a skating rink. I got a phone call from my husband, “Please, come home right now.” So I did. He had found a kitten, or rather, the kitten had found him. It was trying to get into the trash cans. Mind you, whenever Phobus left our yard he would come back in by the trash cans. My husband brought it inside and he fed it. I noticed it was a male and as I’m holding it we locked eyes. I “saw” my Phobus around him, like I was holding two cats in one. I brought him up to my shoulder and he climbed it like Phobus would. Only two cats in my life have ever ridden my shoulder; Phobus and this kitten.

His markings are very strange. He is grey and white (Phobus is as well but more like a Russian Blue than a tabby). He has “writing” on his sides. No, it doesn’t read “Phobus” that would be too easy, but there is a giant “O” on both sides. So (if you have made it this far) the conditions were met. I believe the dolls told me “You’ll have him back when the full moon lights the water”. Well it took 7 freaking months, but it is too much of a coincidence for the first time the full moon lit up the rainwater in the bowls for a grey and white kitten to come wandering up to our doorstep.

These are not mere “dolls”. These are not simply “poppets”. These are not bits of yarn and cardboard. They are living entities and I am learning to be very very careful in what I ask for and how I phrase it. I have an appointment for Artorius Rex (Arthur) to be scanned for a microchip and discuss neutering on Saturday. If he belongs to someone else of course I will return him. BUT… I honestly believe he is mine. He is Phobus come home. And I’m once again, amazed and grateful to DarkLady for her willingness to share these amazing beings with us. Peace to all, and dark blessings.