Who is Darklady?

Darklady is an ancestral witch. She is a necromancer who channels and talks to spirits of all kinds. She follows the old ways of witchcraft. She follows her goddess Hecate and the spirits she works with. She believes that each of you have a gift and power inside you. 

Her majic has been with her through many lifetimes. 

She enjoyed her own radio show for a time. As guest speaker she has shared her views on witches and witchcraft on numerous radio stations. She is also published in a number of magazines and books.

Most know her from her presence in Facebook and Instagram. Check her out – 
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Darklady loves her spirit dolls and spirits. 

These dolls are her gift to you.

It is her hope that you will enjoy them as those before you. These are beautiful little babies filled with a strength and power sometimes difficult to describe in words.

Their deeds and power can best be understood by reading the testimonials – enjoy.

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