My Spirit Doll Poppets are the best and they love everyone and just want to help.

Each doll is hand crafted just for you.

From baneful majick, banish, bind and hex, to love dolls for that certain someone. Or just to love yourself! 
 From health, happiness and weight loss dolls to a spirit doll to call on your loved ones who have passed..

I have them all here!

Dolls are $15.00 to $20.00 each plus shipping

I love these little guys and they are my secret little special babies. Each doll is unique , special in every way and made just for you. 

I talk to them before I send them. I tell them your name and what you need help with, then I send them off and they will do their thing, but please be kind to them or they may just turn on you..

 My babies are alive and have a very strong energy, but they can not do all the work themselves. You can't just sit inside your house thinking the love of your life will knock on your door. You need to get out so your doll has someone to look for. Take them with you wherever you are - they love to be out and about!

My babies have helped thousands of people so far. It is my hope they can help you and thousands more..

Dark Blessings..